Random shot from the streets of my city, Bucharest.

Honestly, this one isn’t random at all. I deliberately searched this one out. It is the Monumentul Eroilor Americani din al doilea Război Mondial, the Monument to American Heroes of World War II in Parcul Cișmigiu.
The monument reads, down its left side:

In memory of the 378 U.S. servicemen killed in the line of duty in Romania during World War II for the freedom of Europe and the glory of the United States of America. Their heroic sacrifice will forever live in our memory and our thoughts, full of piety and admiration, will accompany their journey down the endless road of eternity.

To the fallen of Romania
To you who fly on forever, I send that part of me which is bound to you for all the time. I send to you those of out hopes and dreams that never quite came true. The joyous laughter and tewars of our boyhood. The mysteries of our adolescence. The glorious strenght [sic] and tragic illusions of our young manhood. All these that were and perhaps world [sic] have been I leave in your care out there in the blue.
John Riley Kane
Col. USAF (Ret)

The right side is in Romanian and I can’t translate it.

And the accompanying sign



which basically says that this is the


Monument to American Heroes.

This monument belongs to Bucharest Cultural Patrimony.  Please protect this monument!”

Any violations will be punished according to the law.”

You’ll notice that neither the monument of accompanying sign is defaced.

This monument stands, in my mind, to the spirit of the Romanians. Although we bombed the hell out of their country, they still understood that we were trying to do good.

The monument is not without its opponents, as you can read here:
The Great Liberators

Ce mult te iubesc, București! ❤️

One thought on “Random shot from the streets of my city, Bucharest.

  1. Here’s the Romanian text:

    “”In memoria celop 378 militari americani cazut la datorie in Romania in timpul celuidi al doilea razvoi mondial pentu libertateu Europei si floria statelor unit ale americii.

    Jertfa epoca o vom pastra vesnie in amintire lar gindurcle noastre piase sipline de admiratie levor insoti meren cala oria pe nesfirsitele drumur ale eternitatii.””

    It’s the translation of the English first paragraph (up to the word “eternity”). COL Kane’s quote is not translated. The bottom right of the memorial lists several companies’ names; I think they helped with the funding of the memorial.

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