Just an old dog…

photo by Dana Stefanescu  I hope she doesn’t mind…

You haven’t heard from me here in a while. I’m not sure why, but I’m going to try to dissect it here at the keyboard.

I visited Bucharest again this past September, but I never got around to documenting my whole trip. I think I managed to get the first day in. I’m not sure why. I spent many minutes, if not hours, trying to write on my tablet but it didn’t come out. Maybe if I had a laptop it would have been easier.  I don’t know.

This last trip was different. More personal. Hard to explain.

I have all the photos and all the notes I took. But this time it didn’t just flow out of me.

Do I not want to share it for some reason? I don’t know.

I guess I was wrong. I thought the words were going to come, but they’re not…

Now I am trying to plan two trips this year. One in May for my birthday and another in early December to see Bucharest in it’s Christmas season.

București, iubirea mea, mi-e dor de tine în fiecare zi.

Bucharest, my love, I miss you every day.

I can’t explain it.

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