#romania2016sk – How this all began….

#romania2016sk…that’s how I started tagging my Facebook posts so that I could find them all again. Well, truth be told, I started tagging them #Romania2016, until I realized that tag embraced too many things, not the least of which was Olympic coverage.

I’ve decided that Facebook posts seem to get lost to history as new happenings push the old away and down the timeline. I don’t want that to happen to these memories, so I’m going to compile them here. I’m not sure how I’m going to do it yet, so please bear with me as I figure this out.

And if you want to view the posts chronologically, which I recommend, just go up there to the menu and you’ll find the switch.

I wrote this September 17 at 12:18pm · Bucharest, Romania ·

“This started in the comments of another post, where a good friend thanked me for sharing my adventure. I want to elaborate here so more of you that have been following my adventure will see it. I thanked him and said that I was humbled by the response: “I mean, I started it just to document my adventures for myself, but the “likes” and comments have been….humbling. I’m just an old dog trying a new trick.”

And that’s all it is, an old dog trying a new trick. Never been off continental North America before and at 55 I decided it was time for something different. If you’re asking “Why Romania?”, the answer is in another post.

Right now I’m sitting in a sidewalk bar, that are numerous… countless… in the Old City. People sit and talk, people walk by, people laugh, people cry…

I do not regret the decision, rather, it ranks among the best of my life. Thanks for following. As I said, I’m humbled, and pleased that you all are enjoying following an old dog trying a new trick.


Now, please join this Old Dog on my trip to Romania 2016 or go back home to read the latest entries.

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