A 4-day car trip around Romania | JuliaSomething

Source: A 4-day car trip around Romania | JuliaSomething

As I stated before, travelling isn’t about the destination, it’s about the experience. (I needed to get this one out) Having a long weekend to spend, I organized myself a car trip around Romania, which included some not so touristic places, of which I’ve heard more from my parents or from other people who went to those places.

Travelling is to experience something, not necessarily travelling abroad, or visiting an exotic island. Well, that could count too, but it’s not the topic of my post today.

Travelling by car is one of the best ways to travel because it gives complete freedom over the schedule and the overall plan. I changed my itinerary almost every day, and I believe I made the best possible decisions.

The itinerary of my 4-day car trip around Romania

Day 0: Bucharest – Tg Jiu

It was already evening by the time I managed to escape from Bucharest, and the traffic was terrible on the highway to Pitesti….read more

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