Romania 2017 – First night and Day One AM Walkabout

After the long plane ride here, and my body not having a clue what time it was, I showered and went out to dinner. Sorry no pictures exist, but i had a wonderful shrimp pasta at Hanul cu Tei in the Old Town. Again, with my body not having a clue what time it was, I wandered the Old Town with a dead cell phone for a while. Finally I gave up send returned to my hotel. Fell Feeling a bit homesick, I started an episode of Dexter on Netflix and made it about a third of the way through…

Then blessed sleep…

I awoke about 0930, and headed to Starbucks next door,


Then a walk through the Old Town…

Now my cell phone is charging in my room and I’m sitting in the sidewalk cafe of my hotel drinking a Ciuc draft, watching people walk by and contemplating the rest of the day. It’s a completely different vibe and crowd at 2pm than it is at 2 am. 😀

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