Only in Bran (warning: graphic content)

Ok, this deserves a post. I didn’t get photos of either of these, so I’ll appropriate some from the internet.

Warning again: graphic content.

Another warning: be ready to be disturbed if you Google “horse intercourse”

First thing we come across, walking right down the middle of the street, completely unencumbered by any sense of modesty is two horses, as I said on Facebook, in coitus.

Yes, walking down the middle of the street, fucking.


That got a huge laugh from everyone on the bus as they scrambled for their cameras, but almost as though the animals knew they were about to be forever enshrined in the act on the internet, they separated. But the stallion was obviously not done. “Hung like a horse” he was.

Then, as if to erase that image from our minds, comes a little horse-drawn wagon down the street driven (?) by a couple of boys that looked to be in their early teens. Again, this is not a photo of the actual event, but just to give an idea.


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