Day 2 AM Walkabout – București and the Palatul Parlamentului

As posted in Facebook at about 1 pm on September 16:  “After 14 hours in an airplane, then 14 more hours in a tour bus and walking, and going to sleep around 3 am, I slept until 11. My back is feeling it and I’m not going to get as much done today as I had planned. I did make it over to see the Palace of the Parliament, and am now sitting in the shade at a little sidewalk cafe enjoying a frappe. Then I will probably go back by my room and decide what is next.

The city, in general, is unkempt. I wouldn’t say “dirty”, just not kept up. But there are little bits of beauty everywhere.”

I’ve expanded this post to capture more of that walk than the Facebook post did.

I walked from my hotel over to Bulevardul Unirii, and first visited Fantana Lui Bucur. I continued to walk up Bulevardul Unirii all the way to the Palatul Parlamentului, the Palace of the Parliament. I didn’t take the time to go and view it up close or go inside, but that is on my list for my next visit.

Apparently, there is something going on this weekend, because they have this large stage constructed. I then walked back down the other side of Bulevardul Unirii, admiring the atmosphere and architecture, and stopped for a frappe in a little sidewalk cafe.

Back on the street, past a quaint little newstand, cross the Dâmbovița River, and back to my hotel.



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