Romanian women are stunning

All the images that you will see in this post appear in other posts. I just decided that this particular subject needed a post of its own…

It started out simpy enough with this post, and my statement that “Romanian women are stunning:


…which elicited these comments:


…and so then photos started appearing:

When this one appeared, it drew some interesting comments…


I couldn’t believe that my friends were accusing me of using innocent pictures  of my alcoholic beverages as a guise for taking pictures of women.

But then it happened again…an innocent photo documenting my beer travels photobombed by the ” regulation Romanian hottie waitress walking by”…then the next photo got posted by me with the caption:

This one is for Doug Beaulieu and Ray Dinari. Don’t judge me people


Which of course brought it on….


The last comment about the watch is another story….treated in another post.

And then, of course, the pictures HAD to continue…

All of which had comments by me and more banter among my friends.  And there was even a couple videos. Here’s one:

And so, that is most of my story about the stunning Romanian women. Someone posted somewhere on my timeline that the myth about Eastern European women being beautiful was not actually a myth, and I assure you it is not.

Now, the truth is that this post was inspired by another blog post I read, at Serene Perceptions by Otilia Carmichael. You can read it here.

Pay particular attention to Tip #4.

  1. A personal advice for the guys, from my husband: bring very dark sunglasses when travelling to Romania! It will save you a lot of trouble when you’re gonna look around at all the ladies and you might save a few slaps from your wife/girlfriend if you hide under your glasses! (this is done and tested, believe me) You need to be aware of the fact that Romanian women are beautiful!

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