Day 3 PM

At 8:04 pm I wrote: “It was a slower day today, as you all might have noticed. I took the bus out to the Harley dealer (about 11 km, around 7 miles) earlier. I was going to go by the US Embassy, but then remembered reading somewhere that they are closed on weekends. Rode back to Piaţa Unirii, and had my lunch and a couple pints of Guiness. Time for a nap. Now it’s 8 pm and I’m up again. Think I will venture out into the Old City again. I’m sure it’s hopping on a Saturday night. I don’t know what time the bars close here, but I saw one sign that said 4 am.

Tomorrow, my last day 😞, I may take the Bucharest City tour bus. It makes a circuit of the city and you can get off and on all along the line. It will give me a chance to see things farther out than walking distance.”

And venture out, I did. Then I found a place to sit at The Vintage Pub, just at the entrance to Old Town, and sat and watched people, and took pictures for quite awhile. This is where, at about 10:18 pm EEST,  12:18pm  PDT…, I wrote the comment in #romania2016sk – Read me first

I loved just sitting and watching the people go by. I especially liked the interactions between the men and women.

The details are already starting to get fuzzy, but at 10:26pm EEST I posted this, “Out and about in the Old City”, which I had taken along the route to where I was now sitting:

Then came this, with the comment “What I’m looking at right now. Bună seara, București”:

Later, I wrote: “Ok, here’s another one that started as a response to a comment on another post, but I want you all to see it:

After I retired and then went back to work, people asked “Why? Why don’t you travel?” and my answer was that I didn’t want to travel alone. I was wrong. So wrong. Travelling alone is liberating. No one else to think or worry about. Do what you want, when you want. Walk, talk, sleep….anytime you want to.

Yes, loneliness can strike at times, but it’s not debilitating. Take a nap, go walk, have a drink….anything. This city, especially the Old City area where I am staying, never sleeps…at least until the morning. And I’m sure there are other cities around this big round ball that we call Earth that are the same.

We’re one race….the human race.”

I was feeling very philosophical.

At 11:13 pm EEST I posted:

One person asked in Facebook if that was “a skirt and legs”. My response: “Yes, it is. And I did not notice it until I saw it in the video. It is the entrance to a “night club”, which can mean many things in the Old City.”



 Between about 11:13pm EEST, and 12:08am EEST (01:13pm – 02:08pm PDT) these posts happpened:

As I said, I was feeling very philosophical.



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