Preparing to say la revedere de la București

To everyone who has liked and commented on my posts, mulţumesc foarte mult, thank you very much. If I did not “like” or respond to your comment, Imi pare rau, I’m sorry. I have appreciated beyond words having you all follow along, and tried to read each comment.

Vă mulțumesc foarte mult prieteni.

…and I still have my passport, so life is good.


At 4:53 pm EEST, I wrote:  “Preparing to say la revedere de la București. It’s been wonderful. I’ll miss you and I’ll be back…”

I had to step outside the hotel and take a few more photos.


At 6:25 pm EEST, “Buna seara București. I have to pack now and be ready for dinner in an hour. 😞”

On the way out to dinner, and waiting outside my hotel, a couple more random shots

For some strange reason, this song has been playing in my head all day:

A replay of last night’s events rolls through my mind
Except for a scene or two erased by sweet red wine


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