Day 2 PM walkabout, Pt. 3 – Wandering Aimlessly

At 6:01 pm EEST (Eastern European Summer Time) I posted “I have a full tummy and ended up seeing more today than I thought I would. Now, I am going to nap for a couple hours, then go out again. First on the list: the Fântâna lui Bucur, beautifully lit up at night.”

Another walk along Bulevardul Unirii. Down near the Palace of the Parliament, there was a sound check going on. I think the party must be tomorrow night…

Back over into the Old Town, the National Bank of Romania. A magnificent building which takes up an entire block. There is also a museum, which I didn’t get to see, but is on the list for the “Unfinished Business” tour.

Wandering aimlessly around Old Town, taking it all in, I happened across Curtea Berarilor. If you blink you’ll miss the entrance but it was beautiful inside and I took the opportunity to try another Romanian brew, Timisoreana. The beauty behind the facades of this town are incredible. Who would think, from looking at the unassuming exterior, that this beauty lay inside?

More wandering, and I ended up at Freddo Bar & Lounge, which had a free seat on the sidewalk, and it seemed a good place to try yet another Romanian brew, Ciuc, brewed by Heineken Romania…and I just happened to catch a stunning Romanian beauty in the background. I was accused of subterfuge in my Facebook post (Aaron Mintz!), which may or may not be the truth.

…and bedtime….


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