Day 3 AM – Bus ride to Harley București

This day started with this view…a view that is engrained in my memory forever….at 10:52 am I wrote: “Bună dimineaţa București. I am already knowing I will miss you.”

A short walk over to Piata Unirii to catch the bus out to Harley București which is about 12 km out. About 11:30 am on this day I wrote “So, not ‘everyone’ speaks English. The lady selling bus passes didn’t. But she was patient with me while I used my translator. I think I got the right thing 😦”

Rode the bus back to Piata Unirii, and decided to walk a little bit…then remembered one of the places on my list, the Harp Bar, and decided to go there for lunch, with a couple photo stops on the way. I enjoyed a huge cheeseburger, a couple of pints of Guiness, and a regulation hottie Romanian waitress.

At about 2 pm or so, time for another nap.

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